Welcome to the official guide for Engage2Earn (E2E), the innovative bot that's transforming online communities through Discord and Twitter synergy. This documentation will lead you through the seamless process of installing, setting up, and capitalizing on E2E’s dynamic features.
With E2E, you're not just building a community; you're creating an interactive ecosystem where every action and engagement translates into rewards. Our platform encourages your members to actively participate in the community by chatting, reacting, inviting new members, embarking on various quests, gaming, and interacting on Twitter. Such engagements are not only enjoyable but also rewarding.
Reward points are the currency of engagement in your community, and with E2E, your members can earn them in a multitude of ways. These points are more than just numbers; they’re tickets to a variety of exclusive items like whitelist spots, NFTs, special roles, and more, all available through our integrated server storefront.
The E2E banking system is designed to offer a robust economic framework within your server, allowing members to claim rewards.
Embark on a discovery of all the ways E2E can enrich your server's social fabric, making every interaction rewarding. Let’s dive into the details and unlock the full potential of your community with Engage2Earn.
Last modified 1mo ago